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The Round-Up


Let's just say this is the "archive" page for a week or two, ok? I'm currently in the process of a move and the weekly update is gong to be more like the bi-weekly update until further notice.

(May 7, 2005)

Well, I can't say I was too busy this week, although, that's not to say I wasn't pissed off about a lot of stuff.

On the 2nd, I posted on the leak of yet another secret memo in England having to do with Tony B-liar and his problems with desperatly coming up with a justification for war with Iraq. The Sunday Times of London reported that a memo from a meeting on July 23, 2002 revealed, "The head of MI6 told Tony Blair that the case for war against Iraq was being “fixed” by the Americans to suit the policy...Sir Richard Dearlove, head of MI6, briefed Blair and a select group of ministers on America’s determination to press ahead with the war nine months before hostilities began. After attending a briefing in Washington, he told the meeting that war was “inevitable”. Dearlove said “the facts and intelligence” were being “fixed round the policy” by George W Bush’s administration."
The memo says, "The Defence Secretary said that the US had already begun "spikes of activity" to put pressure on the regime. No decisions had been taken, but he thought the most likely timing in US minds for military action to begin was January, with the timeline beginning 30 days before the US Congressional elections.
We should work up a plan for an ultimatum to Saddam to allow back in the UN weapons inspectors. This would also help with the legal justification for the use of force."
Despite Bush saying ""war is not my first choice, it's my last choice," it is clear the decision had been made from the beginning, it was just a matter of selling it to the people and getting the timing right. The Washington Post in a very typical, self serving op-ed today said B-liar was on the defensive at home for "for supposedly misleading the nation into war in Iraq...Blair had led Britain to join the United States in war because he believed it was the right thing to do, knowing the decision would be deeply unpopular with his voters, the victory seemed at least as remarkable as the reduced margin. " If you discount the evidence to the contrary provided by the memos and believe going from a 161 seat majority to 60 seats is a "reduced but still comfortable majority " more power to you. Winning 36% of the vote just shows Labour was re-elected despite Blair. If the Tories weren't just soooo boring and scary, he would be out of there. Normally, when democratic leaders lie to their people and do things like start wars against the will of the people, they get thrown out.(Llike Spain for instance.) The lowest vote count in British electoral history is certainly remarkable, but not for the reason the Post thinks.

Also on the 2nd I posted about the L.A. Times reporting that, "The Bush administration has forged a close intelligence partnership with the Islamic regime that once welcomed Osama bin Laden here, even though Sudan continues to come under harsh U.S. and international criticism for human rights violations. " Apparently, we're ok with genocidal regimes that still use slavery, because they can help us in the war on terrorism. The Times article says "Sudan has "given us specific information that is … important, functional and current," said a senior State Department official who agreed to discuss intelligence matters on condition of anonymity. The official acknowledged that the Mukhabarat could become a "top tier" partner of the CIA. "Their competence level as a service is very high," the official said. "You can't survive in that part of the world without a good intelligence service, and they are in a position to provide significant help." [Of course, if we hadn't pulled our own informants out of there in the 90's, we wouldn't need to suck up to mass murders.]
Congressman Donald Payne was interviewed on democracynow.org on May the 3rd and said the reason the administration is so eager to get sanctions lifted from Sudan, for their good behavior on intelligence, was "once you can get sanctions removed, then U.S. companies can go in. There are still a lot of untapped oil resources in Sudan. And that's a part of this agenda of trying to normalize relations with Sudan, so that U.S. oil companies can go in and start exploring oil." How cynical! We're just fighting the war on terror and spreading democracy. (Except in Sudan, of course.)

On the 6th I got back to work. Rummy says ""We don't really have an exit strategy. "We have a victory strategy." Well, at least they have some kind of strategy, finally. The secret " Downing Street memo" said "There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action." Well, obviously. More than 280 Iraqis have been killed in the past week and Rummy is just now coming up with an idea.
He's better get his thnking cap on and figure out what we're going to do about North Korea because the NY Times reported yesterday they look like they're about to test a nuke. At his annual press conference W said ""We've got good capacity in Korea. We traded troops for new equipment ,as you know; we brought some troop -- our troop levels down in South Korea, but replaced those troops with more capacity." What ever that means. He's working hard, he's got some "capacity" over there. Kim Jund il is a bad man. Duck and cover!
In the "we're not the big bully, we swear" department we have this story:
"Colombian police have detained two U.S. Army soldiers near a huge military base southwest of the capital in an alleged arms smuggling plot.
As far as those "five American soldiers who were arrested after 35 pounds of cocaine were found aboard a U.S. military plane that flew to El Paso, Texas, from...[An] air base east of Bogota," who the Colombians are demanding be extradited, the U.S. Ambassador William Wood has ruled this out claiming diplomatic immunity. So, all you foreign diplomats in the U.S., do what ever you fell like doing. Kill, rape, pillage, you have diplomatic immunity. That's our excuse.